The Sparks of Loss

Episode 1 - A new friend

Breanna, the daughter of the Ronin Swiftfingers, leader enigmatic thieves guild The Red Hand, has left the relative safety of Veltalar to go adventuring. To her surprise, her father is quite accomidating, perhaps too accomidating to her wishes. Unbeknownst to her, he is happy to have her out of harms way, for portentous predicaments are afoot.

Gallean of Yuirwood, noble high-elf and apprentice to Master Swordmage Aramail of the Order of the Western Autumn Wind, has also left his home. Aramail had abuptly left on a mission, and had been gone an unusual amount of time without contact. Gallean took it upon himself to track his master down, as he "had a bad feeling about this."

Thodur Ironfist, of the Earthspur Mountain branch of the Ironfist Clan, has travelled many leagues seeking adventure and honor. He spurned his clan, for he found them lacking in devotion to Moradin's family. He found them too focused on battle and craft, and lacking the piety and respect that a dwarf should gain from faith. It became his personal quest to prove that faith alone was enough to carry the clan's honor.

Our story begins in a semi-clean portage establishment in the center of Delthuntle. The Broken Drum is run by a cherry-cheacked round innkeeper called Mel, who in the past week has struck a friendship with Breanna. Not surprisingly, as the Red Hand is not unknown in these parts, and nor is she. Looking for someone who could legitimately hire her roguish skills, she is introduced to Gallean, who had stopped by the Dead Kraken to gather his thoughts: his hunt was not going well as he was not well versed in city lore nor an excellent tracker. They quickly came to a bargain for her expertise to find Aramail.

While Breanna went asnooping to find whatever clues she could of Aramail, Gallean struck the friendship of Thodur, who gladly offered his services to the elf hoping that it would lead him to the epic adventure he sought.

On her return, Breanna reported that an eladrin of Aramail's description had past this way towards the docks, but in the company of another elf, heavily cloaked and smoking, only a day ago. They quickly gave chase! Tracking their quary to an elven temple to Corellon, they discovered that the shrouded figure was a sickly and unnaturally pale looking elf, yet what the travels where up to they did not discern.

When they reached the docks, their queeries had attracted the attention of a band of brigands! They murdered the poor wretch being questioned before the party could gain any information and set to the bloody work of silencing the new friends. The attackers belonged to the Black Hand, on of the many rival thieves guilds. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated their pray, and were resolutely vanquished. The only clue to the motivation of the brigands was a note on their leader, penned ion some archaic elvish, which even Gallean could not read. Lamentably, the trail had gone cold by night and the party quickly fled the scene of violence to the safety of the Dead Kraken.

That evening at the inn, Breanna learns the the Red Hand and the Black Hand where discussing closer ties, so why the attack? Was it on her because of who she was, or was it about the elves? Had they been asking too may questions? All these questions had to wait until morning.



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